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AceFlexFit ProStick: Portable Pilates Gym Bar

AceFlexFit ProStick: Portable Pilates Gym Bar

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Experience a Pilates Revolution with the AceFlexFit ProStick!

Main Features:

1. Portable Design: Ideal for workouts at home, the office, or on-the-go.
2. Superior Material: Crafted with premium TPE + EVA.
3. Colorful Selection: Available in Blue, Purple, Pink, and Black.
4. Perfect Dimensions: 91cm/35.83" rod length and 85cm/33.46" rope length.
5. Lightweight Construction: A net weight of just 770g.

Designed for the Modern Fitness Enthusiast
The AceFlexFit ProStick: Portable Pilates Gym Bar embodies the essence of modern fitness - versatility, portability, and efficiency. Whether you're kick-starting your day with an invigorating workout or winding down with some evening stretches, ProStick is your go-to fitness companion.

The Craftsmanship that Speaks Volumes
Engineered with high-quality TPE + EVA materials, the ProStick stands as a testament to durability and resilience. This gym bar promises steadfastness and longevity, ensuring that it remains a pivotal part of your fitness routine for years to come.

Colors that Reflect Your Personality
With an array of captivating colors - Blue, Purple, Pink, and Black - the AceFlexFit ProStick is more than just a gym bar; it's a style statement. Pick the hue that resonates with your spirit and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your workout space.

Ergonomically Designed for Peak Performance
The meticulous measurements of 910mm*70mm*70mm or 35.83*2.76*2.76" make the ProStick an ergonomic marvel. Its optimal length and size ensure that every workout session is balanced, effective, and tailored for results.

Effortless Portability and Convenience
Weighing merely 770g (net weight) with a gross weight of 800g, the ProStick's lightweight design ensures it's never a burden, making it an ideal travel partner. Embrace a seamless workout experience, wherever life takes you.

Unleash the power of a full-body workout with AceFlexFit ProStick, your portable Pilates solution! Grab yours now and transform any space into a Pilates studio. #AceFlexFitRevolution


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 - Please account for a 1-3cm/0.5-1 inch deviation in measurements, attributed to manual measurement.

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