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AceFlex One-Shoulder Athletic Bralette

AceFlex One-Shoulder Athletic Bralette

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Introducing the AceFlex One-Shoulder Athletic Bralette: Where Elegance Meets Athletic Performance!

Main Features:

1. Unique One-Shoulder Design.
2. High-quality 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex Material.
3. Smooth and Comfortable Fit.
4. High Stretch Capability.
5. Removable Padding Option.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style
The AceFlex One-Shoulder Athletic Bralette is not just a piece of activewear, but an embodiment of elegance in sportswear. Designed meticulously, it flaunts a unique one-shoulder design that stands out, ensuring you're the star wherever you go.

Fabric that Adapts to You
Crafted from a premium blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the fabric feels soft against the skin while offering exceptional stretch. Whether heading for a yoga session or a coffee run, this bralette ensures you move without restrictions.

Customized Comfort with Removable Padding
With our AceFlex Bralette, you have the power to choose! The built-in removable padding option lets you decide the kind of support and shape you desire. Opt for a natural silhouette or add the pads for enhanced lift and coverage.

Designed for the Modern Woman
The bralette is modeled by a 5'6" figure wearing size M, embodying the perfect fit for contemporary women. And if you find yourself between sizes, don't fret! We recommend sizing up for a more relaxed and accommodating fit.

Caring for Your AceFlex
To maintain the pristine condition of your AceFlex bralette, we suggest a gentle hand wash followed by air drying. This ensures the fabric retains its elasticity and softness, keeping your bralette looking new for longer.

Size Guide:

Size US Bust Size (IN) Under Bust (IN) Top Length (IN)
S 32C,32D,34A,34B 25.20 23.62 11.81
M 34C,36A,36B 26.77 25.20 12.20
L 34D,36C,38A,38B 28.35 26.77 12.60
XL 36D,38C 29.92 28.35 12.99


Size EU Bust Size (CM) Under Bust (CM) Top Length (CM)
S 70C,70D,75A,75B 64 60 30
M 75C,80A,80B 68 64 31
L 75D,80C,85A,85B 72 68 32
XL 80D,85C 76 72 33


International Size Conversions:

S 32C,32D,34A,34B 70C,70D,75A,75B 32C,32D,34A,34B 10C,10D,12A,12B
M 34C,36A,36B 75C,80A,80B 34C,36A,36B 12C,14A,14B
L 34D,36C,38A,38B 75D,80C,85A,85B 34D,36C,38A,38B 12D,14C,16A,16B
XL 36D,38C 80D,85C 36D,38C 14D,16C


S 1C,1D,2A,2B 85C,85D,90A,90B 85C,85D,90A,90B 70D,70E,75B,75C
M 2C,3A,3B 90C,95A,95B 90C,95A,95B 75D,80B,80C
L 2D,3C,4A,4B 95D,100A,100B 95D,100C,100B 75E,80D,85B,85C
XL 3D,4C 95D,100C 95D,100C 80E,85D


How to Measure:

1. Bust Size: Measure from the stitches below the armpits from one side to another.
2. Top Length: Measure the corresponding size from under the neck to 2 cm / 1 inch under the bust.
3. Underbust: Measure straight across the underbust band from edge to edge.


- All measurements provided are guides only.
- The perfect size for some individuals may need to align more precisely with the provided size chart data. Always ensure to measure correctly before making a purchase.  

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